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We think we know Leicestershire & Rutland far better than the national wedding sites; as we are actually based here. We also can draw on our other online directories  and resources such as the Leicestershire & Rutland Church site and the Leicestershire & Rutland Pub & Inn site. Also we are the FIRST ever directory to incorporate Google’s new inside-view. This allows you to enjoy a 360°panoramic view of the inside of some venues so you can gain a real understanding of what they can offer. Venues offering this service are highlighted and see one below. From this site you can find all about, licensed wedding venues, stately homes, country hotels, pubs, and other establishments where you can be married or host a reception. We also have information and on local bride shops, florists and other suppliers who can help you with all your needs. If you are a business who want to be on this site then please go to the contact page.
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